Get Prepared

As is emphasized throughout this site, preparation is essential to a fruitful and fulfilling volunteer expedition. Once your itinerary is established, you need to lay plans that take into account your personal safety away from home, the measures that need to be in place while you are away from home, and a variety of aspects related to the trip itself. In essence, you need to prepare a toolkit of preparation. We’ve taken the liberty of supplying you with a few important instruments for your toolkit.

Personal Safety

Explore important safety issues before your trip.

Safeguards for Personal Health

Consider issues that go beyond the obvious.

While You’re Away

Make a plan to secure the home front.


Be prepared for your trip.


Caring Hands Worldwide

Zambia: There are continuous openings for volunteers and a host dentist that will work with all volunteers based upon the volunteers schedule in a state of the art mobile dental clinic with two ADEC 1040 dental chairs and digital x-ray system.
Mongolia: May 31-June 11, 2017 this is a faith based medical outreach
Micronesia: November, 2017 dates to be determined

Interested volunteers may contact Randy Meyer at 541-937-2786 or,

Domestic opportunities at United States based clinics in Oregon also available.