Guidelines to Effective Teaching

Teaching can have the greatest effect if it can be carried out easily and can be carried on without great cost or extensive additional equipment after volunteers have left. The more you learn in advance about the learners and subjects of interest the better able you are to tailor your teaching to those who will most benefit. Every volunteer should consider the following teaching guidelines.

  • Keep the teaching simple. Sophisticated dentistry is not practical in most underdeveloped countries due to lack of functioning equipment, lack of materials, and cost—though there is often great interest in learning about advanced techniques.
  • Never assume anything. Know who the learners are and the conditions under which they work. Find out why the teaching is needed and how the learners will use what they have learned after the volunteers have left. Always evaluate to determine whether the audience understood and learned what was taught. Again, remember the principle that what is meant is not always what is understood, and what is heard is not always what the speaker intends.
  • Change comes slowly.

The aim is to teach basics that are easily understood by using simple terminology tailored to the level of the learners. For example, the diagnosis and treatment planning for a periodontal abscess will be approached differently for dental professionals than for a group of rural health care workers. The difference in the two groups, of course, is the levels of education and familiarity with dental terminology. Return visits by volunteer teachers, which hosts greatly appreciate, can be used to evaluate how well the previous teaching has been incorporated by the community. These visits also offer opportunities for volunteers to demonstrate more advanced techniques, if appropriate. Getting off to a good start in the initial visit, however, determines the promise of future visits.


East Meets West Foundation

1. August 7-12: Dental outreach in Cam Ha Primary School, Cam Ha Commune, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province.
(Beneficiaries: poor children of Cam Ha Village; Overnight: Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province)
-> Still open for 12 dental volunteers
(dead line for submission - by 11:30am June 20th, 2017, VN time)

2. September 11-17, 2017: Back-to-back dental outreach in Phu Ninh (Sept 11-14) and Thang Binh District (Sept 15-17), Quang Nam Province.
This is the partnership of the US Air Force Pacific Angel #17 and EMW Dental with the participation of multinational and multilateral military/civilian forces for the complex humanitarian health care in Quang Nam Province.
(Beneficiaries: poor children/adults of Phu Ninh and Thang Binh districts; Overnight: in Tam Ky Capital City, Quang Nam Province)
-> Still open for 6 dental volunteers (the US, UK, Australian, New Zealand or ASEAN citizens)
(deadline for submission - by 11:30am June 30th, 2017, VN time)

3. November 13-18, 2017: Hoa Ninh Primary School, Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang Rural District, Da Nang.
(Beneficiaries: Children of Hoa Ninh Primary School; Overnight: in Da Nang City Center)
-> Still open for 16 dental volunteers
(dead line for submission - by 11:30am July 31st, 2017, VN time)

4. December 11-15, 2017: Hoa Nhon Primary School, Hoa Nhon Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang.
(Beneficiaries: Children of Hoa Nhon Primary School. Overnight: in Da Nang City Center)
-> Still open for 16 volunteers
(dead line for submission - by 11:30am, July 31st, 2017, VN time)

$750/pax/trip is the obligated contribution applied to all volunteers as your an in-cash donation to help the EMW Dental to organize successfully the dental treatment activities for the disadvantaged beneficiaries at the city clinic or outreach trip. This will help partially cover logistics necessary to prepare for volunteers- performance and dental supplies directly consumed for children during the dental treatment activity.

Download the Volunteer registration form by clicking here.

Please contact Ms. Tra My at and Ms. Dieu Huyen at for more trip details and volunteer information / requirements.