Types of Projects

Whether choosing to volunteer in the United States or overseas, there are a variety of project options to help fit your focus—and choices can be narrowed down by geographic or philosophical preference. As expected, most of the projects are service-oriented. The majority of areas served are in desperate need of health care and the work of volunteer clinicians tends to center on oral surgery and/or exodontia to provide relief for infection and pain. Some projects include teams of surgeons who repair cleft lips and palates, but those services depend on local facilities and governmental restrictions. Many projects are very short-term, one to two weeks in length. In fact, once a project has ended there may not be any follow-up services during the year or even from one year to the next. In an effort to help overcome this challenge, some projects focus on the training and education of various people in the local community. Going beyond short-term solutions, this approach provides community participants with insight and information designed to make a more lasting impact.

Service Projects

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Training and Education Programs

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Medicine: Arm-In-Arm, Inc.

Volunteers needed for trip to South Africa 11 March - 18 March 2017 for a Clinical Restoration Project for the Zulu children. A trip to South Africa in the fall of 2017 is being planned. Details will be available soon.

For additional information visit www.medarminarm.org or contact Dorothy Steinert dlsteinert@aol.com