Organization Profile

Uplift Internationale

4800 So Upham Court
Littleton, CO 80123
United States

Contact: Dr. Jaime Yrastorz
Telephone: 303.707.1361
Fax: 303.703.4840

Religious Affiliation: None

Mission: Uplift Internationale is a 505(c)(3) Colorado-based nonprofit organization incorporated in l989. It has a project named Operation Taghoy (a Filipino word for whistle) which is focused on providing reparative care to children, in rural Philippines, with facial deformities, primarily clefts of the lip and palate. Teams of self-funded volunteer healthcare professionals and support personnel are recruited to provide the project activities. The surgical and adjuncive services are provided at no cost to the patient or their indigent families and minimal burden to the host hospital.

Program Type: Delivery of Care

Program Name: Operation Taghoy

Countries/Regions Served: Philippines

Duration: 2 weeks

Recruited Personnel: Healthcare professionals (anesthesiologists; plastic- reconstructve-oral maxillofacial-ENT surgeons; pediatricians; dentists-orthodontists; surgical & perioperative nurses; speech therapists; non-medical support personnel)

Language Requirements: None; translators available

Accommodations: Arrangements by the organization, including air and ground travel

Materials Needed: Surgical supplies, instruments, sutures, anesthetic supplies, monitoring devices, Computers, and printers