Organization Profile

Los Medicos Voladores (LMV)

1702-H Meridian Avenue
P.O. Box 154
San Jose, CA 95125
United States

Contact: Milt Camp
Telephone: 209.743.2667
Fax: 209.586.3649

Religious Affiliation: Other

Mission: LMV, The Flying Doctors, was organized in 1975 to provide health care services and education to people in remote villages of northwestern Mexico and Central America. LMV is supported by the members, with each volunteer paying his/her own trip costs (approximately $250 for Mexico and $750 for Central America) and annual membership dues ($35) and participating in fund-raising projects held throughout the year.

Program Type: Delivery of Care

Program Name: None

Countries/Regions Served: Latin America and the Carribean, and Mexico

Duration: 4 to 10 days

Recruited Personnel: Dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, physicians, optometrists, pilots, translators, teachers, veterinarians, pharmacists, and volunteers from all professions

Language Requirements: None

Accommodations: None provided

Materials Needed: All supplies and equipment are either purchased by or donated to LMV.