Organization Profile

Rasin Foundation

1601 Blue Hill Ave, Suite 205
Boston, MA 02126

Contact: Arielle Adrien, M.D.
Telephone: 1 (800) 359-1309

Religious Affiliation: None

Mission: Support and assist in developing culturally sensitive, competent and empowering programs whose outcome is to improve the health status of the poorest inhabitants in targeted localities in Haiti; Encourage greater cooperation and provide travel opportunities for Haitian expatriates to contribute to the betterment of their country; Engage citizens in the United States who are cognizant of the causes of poverty and seeks to alleviate its effect through knowledge and technology transfer; Collaborate with institutions whose mission is to work towards the elimination of poverty and the prevention of diseases.

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Program Type: Delivery of Care

Program Name: Dental Wellness

Countries/Regions Served: Haiti

Duration: On-going

Recruited Personnel: Dentists

Language Requirements: English, french, Haitian creole

Accommodations: food, lodging and translator provided

Materials Needed: Dentist to travel with their own dental equipment.

Program Type: Other (Child Wellness Program for orphaned children from the earthquake)

Program Name: Sante Timoun

Countries/Regions Served: Haiti

Duration: On-going

Recruited Personnel: nurses, teachers

Language Requirements: Haitian creole, French

Accommodations: food and lodging provided

Materials Needed: high protein bar, multivitamins, vitamin A capsule, micronutrients, arts and crafts supplies