Organization Profile

Mother Maryam Foundation

8705 Shoal Creek Blvd # 103
Austin, TX 78757
United States Minor Outly

Contact: Awad Abdelgadir
Telephone: 512-914-2726
Fax: 512-442-6105

Religious Affiliation: None

Mission: The Mother Maryam Foundation "will pursue and support projects designed to improve the health and welfare of communities in economically disadvantaged areas in all parts of the world by helping the people in these communities meet their needs for clean water, medical care, nutritious food, educational opportunities, and other basic human needs." Article II, Certificate of Formation of the Mother Maryam Foundation for Humanitarian Development, Inc.

Program Type: Delivery of Care

Program Name: Dentist Volunteers

Countries/Regions Served: Africa

Duration: December 10-January 1st

Recruited Personnel: Awad

Language Requirements: English

Accommodations: Village houses

Materials Needed: dental equipments