Organization Profile

Humble Smile Foundation

4475 Mission Blvd.
Suite 244
San Diego, CA 92109
United States

Contact: Dr Darren Weiss

Religious Affiliation: None

Mission: Our Humble Vision is to prevent suffering caused by oral disease by promoting effective oral health initiatives where needs are great.

The operations are guided by, but not limited to, the following principles:
. (i) Humility - political and religious independence.
   - responsibility for humanity and the environment.
. (ii) Outreach - responsibility to share scientific evidence-based know-how for the benefit of disadvantaged children.
   - innovative leadership and stewardship in humanitarian-aid landscape.
. (iii) Impact - targeting those most in need globally.
   - focus on prevention of oral disease to maximize reach, enhance well-being and change lives physically, developmentally, psychologically and socially.
. (iv) Sustainability - implementation of realistic behavioral and dietary adjustments to kids' routine.
   - raising awareness and motivation in broader circles.
   - capacity building to empower vulnerable communities.
   - addressing upstream and environmental factors that create inequities.
   - promotion of ecological oral hygiene products.
   - continual fundraising based on Corporate Social Responsibility model.

Program Type: Delivery of Care

Program Name: Preventive dentistry

Countries/Regions Served: Africa, Latin America and the Carribean, and South Asia

Duration: Contact Organization

Recruited Personnel: The projects are located in communities that have no access to dentistry (because they are remote or poor for example) but have high child caries rates (over 70%). There are projects ongoing in African, Central American, and Asian countries (Mozambique, Ethiopia, South Africa, Nicaragua, Romania, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia..) as well as European refugee camps. Preventive dentistry (oral hygiene and dietary habit formation as well as clinical interventions) is delivered by dental, pre-dental and dental hygiene students volunteers. Their only expense is the airfare.

Language Requirements: None

Accommodations: Contact Organization

Materials Needed: Contact Organization