Organization Profile

Africa Inland Mission (AIM)

P.O. Box 178
Pearl River, NY 10965
United States

Contact: Paul Gazan
Telephone: 845.735.4014
Fax: 845.735.1814

Religious Affiliation: Christianity

Mission: Africa Inland Mission is an interdenominational Christian organization with a goal of establishing nurturing churches of Christ. One of AIM's means of establishing churches is through medical service to the people of Africa. AIM uses dental and medical personnel in hospitals, dispensaries, mobile clinics, and community health care.

Program Type: Other (Procurement and/or distribution of dental equipment and supplies)

Countries/Regions Served: Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda

Duration: Information on long-term service programs, visit AIM Web site

Recruited Personnel: See Web site

Language Requirements: None

Accommodations: None

Materials Needed: Dental equipment and supplies